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About Kiyomi Thompson

Kiyomi completed her Athletic and Exercise Therapy degree in 2014 from Camosun College and has been practicing as a Certified Athletic Therapist since then. Her passion for sports has lead her to work with basketball, volleyball, soccer and rugby. She is actively involved with Rugby Canada as the Head Therapist for the U20 team and also works with the National Men’s team. She is a part of BC Rugby as a senior therapist working both age grade and Mens teams with 7’s and 15’s. 

Kiyomi’s approach to treatment and rehabilitation is catered to each individual and their goals. She uses manual therapy techniques such as soft tissue release, joint mobilizations, sport massage, muscle energy technique, myofascial release and any other method that will get each individual to optimal function.  She makes sure to stay up to date with current research and partakes in courses and workshops to learn new treatment techniques and strategies. 

Exercise rehabilitation plays an important role in recovery and Kiyomi makes sure everyone has a personalized rehabilitation program according to their injury and restrictions. 

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