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Connecting The Puzzle: Muscle, Tendon, Joint + Nerve Pain



When Muscles and tendons are injured they heal with scar tissue. However this scar tissue may not always form in an ideal fashion and after time can impair proper function. Muscle may stick to the tendons or even the other muscles, which will cause friction and irritation, leading to painful adhesions. Also, scar tissue will affect nerves and may cause decreased nerve function or neuropathies like sciatica or carpal tunnel syndrome. If this scar tissue is not treated properly the body will adopt altered movement strategies or negative compensation (such as a limp).


Here at Murray Chiropractic we use the gold standard techniques such as Active Release Techniques and Graston to restore tissue function and muscle balance. We may also use hot or cold laser as an adjunct to speed up healing.


Underlying almost every injury or pain syndrome there may be spinal joint dysfunction, which must be corrected. Correcting abnormal joint function is the basic principle of Chiropractic and helps restore the body to homeostasis and proper balance. Other therapists and Chiropractors who only work on muscle or only work on joints may be missing a big part of the puzzle.


By removing interference and restoring normal movement the body can heal naturally and more effectively. We change patterns and we change movement through a variety of techniques and exercises, often with significant and fast results.


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