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Victoria's best chiropractor, Dr. Mike Murray chiropractor, 

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About Dr. Michael Murray



Victoria Chiropractor, Dr. Mike Murray graduated from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Canada with academic honors in 1990 and went on to obtain his sports Fellowship in 1994. He has delivered chiropractic care to athletes at over 50 national and international competitions. His affiliation with Rowing Canada began in 1991 and he has been their senior chiropractic consultant since then. Dr. Murray is a veteran of 6 Olympic Games. He has also worked on the core medical team for Canada at the Olympics as well as the host medical at both the Commonwealth and Pan Am Games. His clinic is located in Victoria B.C. and caters to professional and amateur athletes in a variety of sports such as hockey, cycling, boxing, triathlon, and numerous others.


In 2009, Dr Murray was the tour Chiropractor for Simon and Garfunkel and has worked with many other celebrities including Bob Dylan, Janet Jackson, and Blue Rodeo.

Dr. Murray has been a primary instructor for the International Chiropractic Sports Sciences Diploma program for the past 14 years and was also on the Executive Board of the Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences (Canada). In 1996 he received the Centenary Award from the Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences (Canada). He is still a member of the Integrated Support Team (IST) for Rowing Canada and was the keynote speaker for the British Chiropractic Association's Annual Symposium in Manchester prior to the 2012 Olympic Games. See Awards.

Dr. Murray is the owner and clinic director of Murray Chiropractic and Omni Rehab & Fitness.


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Awards & Recognition


Centenary Award

Presented by the Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences in recognition in the field of

sports chiropractic.


Govenors Club

Presented by the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College for 25-years of dedicated service improving the quality of education and leaving a legacy for future generations of chiropractors and their patients.



Awards + Recognition



Honorary Fellowship 

Presented by the International College of Chiropractors for the Advancement of the Chiropractic Profession.
honour has been bestowed on less than 400 chiropractors worldwide.






President's Award

Presented by Rowing Canada for outstanding service on the Rowing Canada medical team at the 2008

Beijing Olympics.


Sports Chiropractic Advancement

Presented by the Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences in recognition of the advancement of sports chiropractic in Canada.


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