Workplace Accidents: Recover Faster with a Chiropractor



Murray Chiropractic accepts all WBC claims.

According to the B.C. Chiropractic Association, musculoskeletal conditions account for the highest number of worker’s compensation claims. Research shows that chiropractors get people back to work sooner than traditional treatment methods and with less chance of relapse. That’s why it’s no surprise that many British Columbians include a chiropractic doctor as part of their health care team.

If you are an injured worker and require chiropractic care, your treatment costs are covered. By law, all health professionals are required to report an injury that occurs on the job to WorkSafeBC so be sure to let your chiropractic doctor know ahead of time if this is the case. Conditions that involve any joint, nerves or muscles are eligible for coverage through WorkSafeBC. Our clinic doctors and helpful staff can help you to answer any questions you may have about treatment and coverage.

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