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Car Accidents, Whiplash, ICBC + Treatment Plans

Murray Chiropractic accepts all ICBC claims.


According to the B.C. Chiropractic Association, car accidents are one of the most common causes of spine and spine related conditions. Injuries from a collision often take longer to treat than other types of injuries. Even low speed crashes have the potential to cause significant damage to your back and neck. 


These type of injuries are really no different from sports injuries. The mechanism of injury may be different, but the treatment and rehabilitation follow exactly the same principles.


Your chiropractic doctor has the skills to assess and treat these types of injuries.


In most cases, ICBC customers pay little or no money to receive care for their crash injuries. You don’t need to seek pre-approval either; no referral is needed. Simply visit our office as soon as you feel symptoms and advise us that you were involved in a car accident.

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How is Whiplash Treated? Staying active!


Like sports injuries, early intervention and diagnosis is key to recovery. One of the most important aspects of whiplash management is for the patient to stay active, unless there is some serious injury that requires immobilization. Patients should not be afraid to move and be active, within reason. In addition, we will often prescribe an exercise or stretching program through our on-site rehab facility, OmniRehab


Our rehab and excercise programs are also fully covered by ICBC in most cases. It is particularly important to follow this program as prescribed, so that you can achieve the best long-term benefits.


Chiropractic manipulation, physical therapy and therapeutic gels are often used to help control pain and reduce the muscle spasm that results from whiplash injuries. Other physical therapy modalities, such as electrical stimulation or laser therapy may provide some short-term relief and accelerate healing. They should not, however, replace an active-care program of exercise and stretching. 


Spinal manipulation and/or mobilization provided by our chiropractic clinicians can also give relief in many cases of neck pain.


Receiving this type of care is paramount to ensure a speedy and complete recovery from injuries.

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